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3-Core Integrative

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3-Core Integrative is a training program to become a certified Integrative Mental Health Practitioner (IMHP). This course is beneficial for all levels of practice- from the newbie therapist to the experienced clinician.

After taking this course, you'll have the knowledge and confidence to utilize innovative interventions, techniques, and resources.
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I found 3CI to be an excellent course. A wealth of information that is useful and applicable in the work I do. I utilize aromatherapy in my practice (personal and professional) and was happy to see this included. On the massage therapy, yes yes yes!
Cecelia LPCC
After completing the certification process, I feel well-equipped to meet my clients' various needs through traditional therapy methods in conjunction with integrative treatment options. I would highly recommend this training to any mental health professional who is interested in expanding their skill set and meeting clients' needs in a more holistic way.
I feel like the assessment questions in 3CI are perfect for easily integrating into an intake interview. It was great to have the links to assessments that I could use in session.
Marie LPCC, IMHP, E-RYT 200
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