Guided Body Scan Practice

Laurel's 40 minute guided mindful body scan practice can be helpful for tuning into the body, generating somatic awareness, and centering in the present moment. This practice is great for beginners and for supporting work done in therapy (both professionals and clients.

Laurel Sims-Stewart

Therapist, Podcast Host, and Content Developer

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Laurel is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor with a background in art therapy and sits on the Kentucky Art Therapy Association board. She is the recipient of the 2019 Bridge to Light award for Child Counseling and Support. In her work with the Academy, Laurel assists in content production, development, and training.

Laurel specializes in the treatment of trauma, anxiety, mood disorders, and life stage transitions. Throughout her time in practice, she has always gravitated toward an integrative, insight-based approach. She utilizes cognitive-behavioral therapy, mindfulness and meditation, psychoeducation, and expressive techniques. She encourages all of her clients to take an active role in writing the narrative of their life by including elements of mind, body, and spirit throughout. 

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