Nutrition for Mental Health Professionals

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  • Media Time: 70 Minutes
  • Quiz: 13 Questions
One of the most unrecognized factors in the development of mental health is the role of nutrition. While the role of nutrition and mental health is still being studied, we know having less-then-ideal nutrition can contribute to lethargy, depression, anxiety, sleep troubles, and much more.

Giving your body the nutrients it needs does more than just benefit your physical health, but greatly impacts your mental health and wellness. This course provides an overview of nutrition and mental health research, guided practices, and resources.
This course is extracted from our 3CI certification course- to access exclusive nutrition practices and resources, enroll in our foundational course.

This training is approved for 2 CE Hours by the following boards:
NASW-KY Approved Provider #050522.
Florida Board of CSWMFTMHC Approved Provider #50-33522. Course Approval #20-1098106.
Approval accepted by the Ohio CSWMFTB.

Continuing education requirements vary by state, while many accept the above approvals, please confirm with your board.
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  1. Recognize the impact wellness culture has on clients' lives such as how they interact with diet, food, body image, etc.
  2. Identify the role that nutrition plays in mental health by referencing current research.
  3. Understand how disparities in socioeconomic status, geography, pollution, etc. contribute to health and chronic disease.
  4. Review the interaction between food, inflammation, and mental health- particularly how lifestyle factors can affect inflammation and how inflammation can impact mental health.
  5. Define and summarize the 'Sugar Crash Cycle'.
  6. Demonstrate understanding of gut health and how it relates to mood.

Juniper Owens

Co-Founder + Director
Juniper's passion lies in environmental and social justice-based community work and activism. They have a lifetime of wilderness experience that is utilized in her work with clients and the Academy.

Nicole Sartini

Co-Founder + Educator
Nicole is a leader in the field of mental health and leadership development. She facilitates talks in corporate settings on self-care, work-life balance, and empowered living utilizing an integrative approach.

Stephanie Batts

Course Creator + Editor
Stephanie began her career helping teens and their families in crisis situations and now works with a diverse population of clients. She is passionate about creating resources to help clients utilize integrative practices.

Rozlyn Newman

Social Operations + Editor
Rozlyn's education in psychology and correctional rehabilitation inspired her interest in integrative care. She assists the Academy in presenting a cohesive, inviting introduction to integrative mental health.

Laurel Sims-Stewart

Content Developer + Editor
Laurel specializes in trauma, anxiety, mood disorders, and life stage transitions. She has always gravitated towards an integrative, insight-based approach that includes elements of mind, body, and spirit in her work.