R.A.I.N. Meditation

In this 20 minute meditation, which is adapted from Tara Brach's R.A.I.N. practice, Parker guides us through sitting with difficult emotions. The steps of Recognizing, Allowing, Investigating, and Nurturing can help both body and mind process those emotions or experiences.. This guided meditation can be helpful for embracing self-compassion during difficult times.

Parker Bowling

Social Worker, Meditation Teacher, and Farmer

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Parker is a Certified Social Worker and mindfulness meditation teacher certified through Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield's two-year teacher training program. He draws on an eclectic array of therapeutic techniques, including somatic practices, mindfulness-based therapies and nature connection, to meet you where you are and accompany you in your journey towards becoming intimate with your innate wholeness.

His focus includes supporting people experiencing feelings of anxiety and depression in the face of life's diverse range of challenges, whether they be the end of a relationship, integrating individual and/or collective trauma, performance-related stress, existential questioning, or climate anxiety. Parker particularly enjoys supporting people working in 'helping professions' to navigate the inherent challenges of burnout and cultivate practices for resilience. He brings his experience developing and facilitating trauma-sensitive mindfulness and spiritual ecology programs across the Louisville, KY community and is passionate about weaving together his interests in accessible mental health, regenerative farming, and ecological justice as a social worker.

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