• Re-Writing Relationships Panel Podcast
  • "Getting Un-Stuck"
    Forgiveness Practice
  • Client and Provider Narrative Journaling Worksheet
  • Self and Other Relationships Nurturing Prompts

Re-Writing Relationships Resource Pack

How do we fulfill our need for connection in the various forms of relationships we are a part of? In fact, what do we even define or label as "relationship"? Dive into these questions while exploring topics like forgiveness, communication, expectations, and more with the Academy Team and our panel of guest speakers. This pack includes three worksheets for both personal and professional use to help guide the conversation surrounding relationships with yourself, others, in the past, and presently.

We've also included our informative podcast episode, to make it as easy as possible for you to access all of our re-writing relationships content. (No need to have more tabs open than necessary!)
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Laurel Sims-Stewart

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Laurel is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor with a background in art therapy and sits on the Kentucky Art Therapy Association board. She is the recipient of the 2019 Bridge to Light award for Child Counseling and Support. In her work with the Academy, Laurel assists in content production, development, and training.

Laurel specializes in the treatment of trauma, anxiety, mood disorders, and life stage transitions. Throughout her time in practice, she has always gravitated toward an integrative, insight-based approach. She utilizes cognitive-behavioral therapy, mindfulness and meditation, psychoeducation, and expressive techniques. She encourages all of her clients to take an active role in writing the narrative of their life by including elements of mind, body, and spirit throughout.
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Juniper Owens


Juniper holds certifications in various therapeutic approaches, including EMDR, grief therapy, and Crisis and Suicide First Response. Her clinical expertise includes a range of therapeutic approaches, particularly in the treatment of anxiety and crisis work.

Tammy Berman


Tammy Berman is a mental health professional and is extensively trained in Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and advocates for DBT Skills to be a part of school curriculum across the world.

Morningstar Fonlupt


Through life experience, her radical ability to go where others won’t dare and her trainings as a Master Energy Healer, Spiritual Teacher, author, and more, Morningstar brings you a level of healing unmatched.

Kristal DeSantis


Kristal DeSantis is the creator of The STRONG Relationship Model, and the founder of Austin STRONG: Relationship Building Center- tailored to the needs of First Responders and their families.

Lisa McJunkin


Lisa engages her clients in healing through mind, body, and soul alignment to release old and often unhelpful responses and memories, by providing integration of Eastern and Western healing practices. 

Rev. Diane Walker


Diane is an ordained interfaith minister, and designs and officiates sacred ceremony for every passage and season. Her teaching comes from her lifelong studies and experiences, and her own incredible adventures in living and dying.

Stephanie Batts


Stephanie has worked with a diverse population of individuals, couples and families and is passionate about creating resources for clients that are helpful tools in utilizing integrative practices for a variety of issues.