• Integrative Approach
    to Self-Care

  • Incorporate

  • Incorporate Movement

  • Incorporate

  • Nature Connection
    for Self-Care

  • Personalize
    Your Plan

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The Showing Up for Yourself Crash Course

As mental health professionals, we work tirelessly to hold space for others every day. In order to make this important work sustainable, it's key that we take care of ourselves too- both mentally and physically. This crash course is specifically designed for mental health providers. From mindfulness to communing with nature, we offer guided practices so you can find out what works best for you, as well as ideas to help you create a self-care plan that's tailored to your need.
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Juniper Owens

Co-Founder, Director, and Social Worker

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Juniper earned bachelor's and master's degrees in social work from the University of Louisville and is a licensed clinical social worker in Kentucky. She's currently pursuing a doctorate at Tulane University's School of Social Work. Juniper holds certifications in various therapeutic approaches, including EMDR, grief therapy, and Crisis and Suicide First Response.

Juniper co-founded Bridge Counseling and Wellness, a leading integrative mental health center in Louisville. She has also taught at the Kent School of Social Work, teaching Human Behavior and the Social Environment, and currently focuses on educational facilitation at the Academy. Her clinical expertise includes a range of therapeutic approaches, particularly in the treatment of anxiety and crisis work.