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Walk and Talk Resource Pack

Client worksheet, liability release form, and additional free walk and talk content, together in one easily accessed place. This resource pack has everything you need to get started with walk and talk sessions. Gain access to an exclusive, downloadable provider/client worksheet to use in sessions when introducing clients to walk and talk therapy. You'll also receive an editable client liability release form, that can be used for outdoor therapy.

We've also included our informative podcast episode and blog post, to make it as easy as possible for you to access all of our walk and talk content. (No need to have more tabs open than necessary!)
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To note before purchase:

The included liability release document leaves space for you to customize- don't forget to add your name (and/or your practice's name) into the blanks provided.
By making this liability release document available for purchase The Academy of Integrative Mental Health, or any other business or personnel related to The Academy of Integrative Mental Health, is not providing legal, ethical, clinical, or any other business or clinical advice related to your work as a therapist in using this document, or business advice on how you choose to use this document and material. In using this document you agree to take sole responsibility for all outcomes and will not hold The Academy of Integrative Mental Health, or any other business or personnel related to The Academy of Integrative Mental Health, legally or ethically responsible.
It is the clinician's discretion to make sure the information contained within this document meets the legal and ethical requirements and standards of care within their practicing state, country, and/or region.
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Juniper Owens

Blog + Podcast

Juniper earned bachelor's and master's degrees in social work from the University of Louisville and is a licensed clinical social worker in Kentucky. She's currently pursuing a doctorate at Tulane University's School of Social Work. Juniper holds certifications in various therapeutic approaches, including EMDR, grief therapy, and Crisis and Suicide First Response.

Juniper co-founded Bridge Counseling and Wellness, a leading integrative mental health center in Louisville. She has also taught at the Kent School of Social Work, teaching Human Behavior and the Social Environment, and currently focuses on educational facilitation at the Academy. Her clinical expertise includes a range of therapeutic approaches, particularly in the treatment of anxiety and crisis work.

Rozlyn Newman

Printable Materials

Rozlyn graduated with a degree in psychology and criminal justice, with a focus in correctional rehabilitation, from the University of Cincinnati in 2018. Her education in correctional rehabilitation is really what inspired her interest in integrative care- she figured there had to be a better way to meet people's individual needs in an unsupportive system. Her goal is to eventually run her own integrative center, using a whole-person approach, for those who have experience within the US prison system.

Within the Academy of Integrative Mental Health, Rozlyn oversees our social media presence, including content creation and promotional production. She also curates our live seminars, working to provide the most distinctive training environments. Rozlyn teams up with local, ethical businesses and vendors in each city we visit to create truly unique experiences that embody the Academy's Integrative Mission.
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