Yin Yoga Practice for Grief

This class is designed to influence both physical and energetic bodies while we observe the three principles of Yin Yoga: to find sensation, create stillness, and stay for a while. We will focus on opening, releasing, restoring, and regulation the qi in our Lung and Large Intestine Meridians. When our Lung qi is deficient or imbalanced it can lead to chronic sadness and lowered immunity. Allowing our bodies time in each posture can lead to deep release both physically and energetically, re-establishing harmony and leading to a deeper appreciation of the beauty around us. In this class we will aim to relax the connective tissue around the neck, shoulders, and chest. Props are not necessary, but can be so beneficial in creating a supported, safe release. This practice is suitable for all levels of students.

Summer Voelker

Yoga Instructor, Flower Farmer, PA Naturalist, and Momma

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After years of neglect to her mental and physical health, 2012 was the year Summer found a regular practice and discovered all of the benefits it provides. This regular practice, accompanied by Summer's newfound clarity, enthusiasm, and desire to serve, made the decision to transition to teaching an easy one. In 2017 Summer received her 200 hour certification with Jennifer Ferris-Glick, formerly of Illume, Pittsburgh. Her passion for relaxation and energy work and her desire to learn and share more with her students motivated her in completing a 50 hour Yin Yoga certification with Bernie Clark in 2020. Her goal for every practice is that you can leave feeling centered, opened, and deeply connected.

Summer is also a spouse and mom, a Reiki Master, Pennsylvania Master Naturalist, and burgeoning flower farmer. She enjoys hiking/wandering, reading, cold plunging, hot sauna-ing, connecting with lived ones, and holding this precious life with profound reverence and gratitude.